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Master List By Archive

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Master List by Archive


This list may lag a bit behind the main Master List, but the purpose is for you to explore sites that you might not have heard about, since Percy/Oliver is spread quite far over distant expanses of the internet. However, it should be obvious that some archives target particular kinds of fic, too.


Where can I find the industrial-strength smut?

The entire point of restrictedsection.org and adultfanfiction.net is to exist as havens for NC-17 aka X-rated fics that are not eligible for posting on the more popular archives. (Username and password "guest" usually works.) Skyehawke also allows fic of any rating, and doesn't require a special log-in. Individual authors' websites and livejournal are also obvious places to look for higher-rated fic (because you make the house rules if it's your own website)... and communities like the pornish_pixies on LJ exist with the express purpose of providing high-grade industrial-strength smut!


Dude, where's my carriage-return (and other appropriate punctuation)?

Fictionalley.org prides itself on each fic passing an editorial process, using fairly stringent criteria for canon compliance and technical grammatical correctness. Invitation-only archives and LJ communities, like Skyehawke and pornish-pixies, also often feature writing of above-average technical merit. But really, the best way to judge whether a fic will make your inner grammar-snob emo is to check the author's notes for acknowledgement of a beta.


Where can I find lots and lots of fic on all points of the quality gamut?

Like Hufflepuff, Fanfiction.net prides itself on turning no one away (well, except for explicit fic with a higher-than-R rating, but see above). It is consequently huge and diverse! It's pretty easy to tell from the summary whether or not the author has interest in keeping Percy and Oliver in character and whether they have a passable grasp of grammar. So, yes, it's the place to go if you're cruising for badfic, but it's also got loads of excellent fic in the gemisch as well.


Please note that this list is currently quite behind the Master List - we'll be updating it eventually.



Pornish Pixies on Livejournal


Weasley's Wood on Livejournal


Weasley Worship on Livejournal


Authors' Websites










Adult Fan Fiction


Restricted Section


Slash Fan Fiction


Quills & Quidditch



Fiction Alley




Fan Domination






Percy Perfect




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