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Eloise Lovelace Recommends

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Recommendations by Eloise Lovelace

Based on my personal, subjective feelings, a list of my favorite Percy/Oliver fiction! It's a mix of fluff, smut and angst... and if you think I'm overlooking something brilliant, email me: eloise.lovelace@gmail.com All these stories will also be found on Master List with proper annotation.


My absolute favorites:

  • The Manly Art of Gentle Seduction by Abaddon. Well-written, highly canonical ficlet, very sweet.
  • An Oral Fixation by Abaddon. Hilarious and also splendidly in-character Percy.
  • Behold the Man by Abaddon. A smutty study of the power struggles between Marcus, Percy and Oliver.
  • All That Is Desired by Abaddon. Even Voldemort sees the UST!
  • Potential by Ava Monroe. I know Oliver is a keeper, not a seeker, but his unorthodox use of a snitch makes this hilarious as well as smutty.
  • Percy Weasley and the Gay Vampire Cult of Oliver Wood by December's Falling. This is the only time I've encountered punk/goth Percy being fantastically, completely true to Canon. This is also one of the funniest stories I've read in a long time, and this Oliver is an absolutely adorable foil to anti-Establishment Percy.
  • Why Does Everyone Think I'm Gay: Alternate Version by Deborah Peters. Why indeed? Be sure to read all the way to the end.
  • Rain by Elynrae. Very real and absolutely lovely, with great characterization of Percy and beautiful writing.
  • A Moment of Privacy by Florahart. Humor, here overlaid on guilty wanking, which is like the most in-character pasttime for Percy, ever.
  • Undignified by Florahart. Head Boy Percy does discipline! Hot!
  • Fastidious by Halroprillalar. Short and sweet, Hal demonstrates her total dominion of the art of the drabble!
  • Vision by Halroprillalar. Hot, and a rare Oliver-centric perspective.
  • A Matter of Course by Ishuca. Masterfully sad and depressing.
  • A Perfect Secret by Kimagure. All I can do is a Paris Hilton impersonation and waffle about how "that's hot".
  • Pansy Parkinson and the Perfectly Prudish Prefect by Makishef. We can officially stop feeling sorry for Penelope now. Mostly femmeslash with some absolutely fantastic alliteration.
  • Two Limericks by Marauder. I don't normally go in for fan poetry, but this is genius.
  • Amaranth, Carmine, Red by Marauder. Wonderful threesome with Penelope.
  • What Sharing a Room Can Cause by Nadholic. Definitive proof that fanfiction.net contains more than predictable fluff.
  • This (Not of Convenience) by oceansandstars. Inspired by Brokeback Mountain. Feel the angst.
  • All's Fair by Pogrebin. The angst in this is absolutely soul-crushing. Read with Kleenex close-by.
  • Maybe You Were Right by Renee6612. Very sweet, short ficlet.
  • Percy Doesn't Like Banisters by RurouniHime. Features a wonderfully sputtering, uptight Percy finally giving in to temptation, then being caught in the act.
  • After the Game by Sam Vines. Truly, this story has everything a reader could want from a Percy/Oliver fic! Fabulous!
  • Fight or Flight by Silvia Kundera. Percy bravely goes seeking out a troll in the dungeons. Funny, sweet, well-written.
  • Let Me Count the Ways by SpinTwin. Just plain cute.
  • Red by Switchknife. The density of hotness per unit word here is absolutely astounding.
  • Perfect by Swtalmnd. Smut with a point! This manages to be hot, funny and featuring wonderful Oliver and Percy characterizations.
  • Cinderpercy by Teague. Very entertaining and definitely not the trite Percy-as-Cinderella fic you might be expecting.
  • Just Like You Said It Would Be by Thistlerose. Set during Order of the Phoenix. Gritty, realistic and depressing... but wonderfully executed.
  • Rules by thoughtcr1me. Some rules were made to be broken.
  • I Don't Understand by _Xanthia. Percy character study, with slash.



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